Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Top 50 RE/MAX Agent Team In The Country, Justin Hoffmann and Team Hoffmann


As Justin Hoffmann and his team continue to see sales grow at a record pace, the home buying and selling industry has also taken notice. Team Hoffmann reaches one more milestone in a real estate market that requires flexibility and strategic marketing tactics.

Justin Hoffmann and Team Hoffmann honored for outstanding achievement, Top 50 RE/MAX Agent Team In The Country

Team Hoffmann is one of the most innovative marketing Real Estate Teams in the country. With an emphasis on SEO lead generation, Team Hoffman has figured out how to attract more Real Estate buyers and sellers using online ads than almost anyone else in Wisconsin. Through the use of “Unique Selling Propositions” (USP’s), the Team compels prospects to take action and do business with them.

The following are just a few examples of the innovative USP’s and related proprietary programs Team Hoffmann uses:

  • “Your Home Sold In 120 Days, Guaranteed, Or We Will Buy It Ourselves.” – Clients no longer have to worry about getting stuck owning two homes.

  • “Unhappy with our service at any time... Fire Us & Pay Nothing!” - This eliminates the long 6-9 month contract that forces buyers and sellers to stay with Realtors that unfortunatly... “just aren’t getting the job done.”

  • “Satisfaction Guaranteed or We Will Buy It Back or Sell It For Free!” – Clients can purchase a Team Hoffmann listing with confidence, knowing that if they are dissatisfied with the home, Team Hoffmann will buy it back or sell it for free.

Today’s real estate climate has served-up numerous unique financial conditions resulting in the need for specialized staff. Team Hoffmann has capitalized on these market conditions by creating multiple divisions.

  • Short Sale Division – This division has helped dozens of sellers avoid foreclosure, even if they owe more than their home than it’s worth.

  • Buyer Division - These individuals specialize in obtaining the absolute best financing, price, inspection and terms and conditions for each offer to purchase.

  • REO Divison – REO specialists work directly with the banks and other Government Service Entities on the liquidation of non-performing assets and foreclosures.

  • Property Management Division – This Team specializes in managing rental property and leasing homes on behalf of the property owners.
Team Hoffmann offers cash back accountability and performance based guarantees, a game-changer for many prospective clients, since most realtors are not willing to... “put their money where their mouth is.”

  • Communications Guarantee – Team Hoffmann guarantees to speak to with every client; in person, once a week or they will knock $100 off their fee for every week missed during the entire buying or selling process.

  • Pre-Approved Buyer Guarantee – Team Hoffmann will never allow a showing of your home to a buyer who has not been recently pre-approved by a reputable lender. In the event a buyer’s financing falls apart, Team Hoffmann will pay their client $500.

  • Your Home Sold In 89 Days Or We Will Pay You Up To $5,000... Guaranteed! – Home Sellers do not want to sit for months without receiving any offers to purchase. Team Hoffmann is so confident their marketing works that if they do not present the seller with an acceptable written offer within 89 days of listing, they will reduce their commission up to $5,000.
TeamHoffmann, LLC, based in Milwaukee, WI, is part of RE/MAX 100. Justin Hoffmann is the #1 ReMax Realtor in Wisconsin. Prospects are encouraged to visit the web site and explore the vast library of FREE resources available to both home sellers and buyers.